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Would you like to be coached by us? We really do believe in the saying “why reinvent the wheel” and that is reflected through or beliefs of the benefits of coaching.

With backgrounds in economics, marketing, media, technology and event planning we have a lot of experience to share with you! T’Nora has been a full time technology consultant for over 5 years while Joshua has worked in marketing and real estate. Together we begin consulting with local business and churches on how to increase their local presence through marketing, advertising, and technology.

We would love to guide you through your journey. Whether you would like to be coached in business, self-development, or relationships – we are here for you. In order to change what a person does you must change what they are hearing. Let us point you toward the path to success through open dialogue, reading recommendations, and sharing our personal experiences with you. To think different you must do different.  If you would like to begin doing something different with mentorship please contact us below. We will work with you to customize a mentorship program designed specifically for your goals.

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