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Have you been doing all you can to make your business successful, brand yourself, or to go to the next level in life but you know something is still missing? WE CAN HELP! With backgrounds in economics, marketing, media, technology and event planning we have a lot of experience to share with you! T’Nora has been a full time technology consultant for over 5 years while Joshua worked as a marketing analyst. Together we begin consulting with local business, entrepreneurs and churches on how to increase their local presence through marketing, advertising, and technology. We will work with you to analyze your current situation and customize the consulting services that specifically for your needs.

We also hold training classes for small and large groups on topics such as effective organization communication, social media marketing, easy website development, effective advertising, and just about any other topic that you can think about. We have held training services for both senior citizens wanting to learn how to use email and professionals wanting to create a website to increase their business presence. We will work with you to customize a training program designed specifically for your needs. If you would like consulting or training please contact us below.

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