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About Me

T’Nora D. Green is an entrepreneur, technology consultant and mentor.  As a founder of the Wealth Investment Network, T’Nora has had the opportunity to help others succeed in several different business ventures such as real estate investing, skin care, and technology & marketing consulting.  Most importantly the reputation she has built has allowed her to become a mentor to young girls and women, and an example of how hard work and determination will yield success.

A native of Hampton, Virginia, T’Nora spent many days envisioning her future with her feet in the sand at the beach. Being raised in a military household the importance of hard work and perseverance to reach a successful future that she desired, was instilled in her at an early age. Admiring her mother, who was a teacher, T’Nora developed the desire to want to teach and help others in any way that she could. As a child her teachers would tell her parents that she was always more busy helping other children rather than doing her own work. This passion for helping others is one of the main reasons T’Nora constantly strives to do better than the day before. She works hard to show people that wealth and success are obtainable to anyone willing to work hard for it.

Coming from a household where education was highly regarded, T’Nora attended Virginia  Polytechnic Institute & State University where she became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc and worked hard to make sure minority women had a positive impact on each other and on the campus. She later transferred to Old Dominion University where she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in Information Systems & Technology and a minor in International Business. After T’Nora entered the corporate world as an IT consultant, she returned to Virginia Tech to pursue her Master’s in Information Technology (MIT).  Always one to give back, T’Nora used her consulting and technological knowledge to become the Director of Technology at New Generation Worship Center in Dumfries, Virginia.

T’Nora’s drive and determination to succeed and give back eventually afforded her the opportunity to meet several people who would make positive deposits into her life through encouragement and mentorship. Dr. Tiana Von Johnson, Real Estate guru and National Investment & Expansion Strategist for Strongbrook, offered T’Nora the tools and opportunity to successfully invest in real estate and start a national real estate investing company in partnership with Strongbrook REIC, a national investment, mortgage and property management company.

T’Nora’s vision and persistence is a testimony that with God all things are possible.